First Week Come and Gone!

Hey guys, sorry its been a while. I have been doing some overhauling on the blog, check out my new Images page on the top left bar on the homescreen. (I’m pretty excited to show off all of these artist’s awesome work if you didn’t get the other 7 notifications.) To be honest a lot of what’s been going on is filed away in the Internship Log tab. Since I’ve started at the gallery its been commuting and computer work daily. It takes me about 1 hour 15 minutes to get to work each day and a little longer in the afternoons because I get off during rush hour.

Monday I went down to Times Square with Stephanie and a friend of her’s to see the Art Takes Times Square opening. We stopped at a pretty good little Mexican Restaurant on Broadway- one of my first local places to eat in NYC! The event was pretty cool, the first time in a while I’ve been to Times Square. They had the winning artist’s work up on some of the billboards and were showing art from the rest of the contestants on two smaller screens brought into the Square. I even saw Wyatt Ramsey‘s work that was entered. He is a friend and very talented painter I met in Savannah.

Another really awesome thing that happened was Wednesday night after work I went to The Life Christian Church‘s Youth Group meetup. Its headed up by Bart, Christian, and a great leadership team that I haven’t quite met yet. They start out with some games and chatting, then gather for a some worship. Then Bart gave a great lesson on Faith and how we are supposed to respond with confidence to a God that doesn’t lead us in blindness, but in confidence. Of course we closed with a bit more worship and then the kids were free to hang out till about 9. I got to meet a bunch of really great girls and especially loved my ride home with India, a very sweet girl from the town right next to where I’m staying.

Thursday was Julia’s last day interning at the Gallery. She is a high school student and local New Yorker. As a bit of a treat we were sent down to Chelsea to visit the galleries there. There are soo many galleries in Chelsea. They are in the area between 9th and 11th avenues and from 14th up to like 28th street. We only hit about 15 or so, but man were we pooped. We walked down to Chelsea Market for some lunch and to grab a brownie from Amy’s Bread- I was tipped off these were the best brownies in the world- and they were pretty darn good. (and 20% off, Happy 20th Birthday Amy’s Bread!). My highlight of the day was visiting the David Zwirner Gallery– its home to some of my favorite contemporary artists. Yan Pei-Ming and Alice Neel were showing. GEEZ!

Other than that I’ve had some pretty cool jobs at the gallery, we rearranged the library today which may sound boring, but I assure you, it’s really fun. I love looking through all the catalogs here. ( and at the end of my internship I get to pick two to take home with me! but don’t tell, I’m not there yet) I’m already eying the Giuseppe Penone book 🙂 Also, the Directors are back in town from Basel. Which is pretty cool. AANNNDD our next show, Annette Messager opens next week! I can’t wait, pictures from the reception will soon arrive!

K, well I’ll keep this one short for now. I’m going to meet Stephanie and Nick to see BRAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!