Artist: Sarah Walko

During SCAD’s DeFine Art Festival (all this week) I have had the pleasure of running into artist Sarah Walko multiple times. Walko is an alumni of the Grad program here at SCAD and now is the Director of the Triangle Arts Association in New York City. Triangle is an artist co-op that is globally recognized and growing fast in prestige. Sarah Walko has utterly captured me and I feel as though from yet a distance I am under her wing (no pun intended if you know her work.) She is a very professional, yet warm woman. She is strong and her work exudes intellect and peace. If you do not know her work, you should. Below is a short video that gives a good overview of what she is all about. I’ve also attached a link to her website so you can comb through until you understand the mass amounts of work she produces- though you will not truly know till you have sat on the edge of your seat through the whole 200 slide presentation… Or seen them in person. Enjoy!