Upcoming Project

Below are some images from my next project. The narrative is that of the first sons on man, Cain and Abel. The composition is taken from the Italian School’s image of Cain and Abel (shown below with some other compositions I will be working with). The story goes that Cain was a worker of the field, and Abel, a shepherd. The time came for each to give an offering to the Lord. Abel gave the best that he had because he loved the Lord. Cain gave well, but out of legalistic thinking and because he failed to understand the reason for this giving the Lord refused his offering. Cain, being jealous that Abel was favored rose against his brother and killed him. The blood of Abel cried out from the Earth and the Lord rebuked Cain, sending him out into the desert.

The final piece will be about 6 x 6 ft and covered in clay… surprised?
Updates coming soon!