Alexandra Olivier was born November of 1991 in New Orleans, Louisiana to an entrepreneur and a kindergarten teacher. Raised in a community of social Catholics she learned to doubt, question, and defend her beliefs. She shares detailed accounts through audible and experiential installations and comments on the beauty and tragedy of the moment as seen through a filter of biblical principles. She is currently completing her Bachelors degree in Fine art from the Savannah College of Art and Design and then plans to follow in her mother’s footsteps and teach art in Secondary or High Schools and eventually move oversees to use her art for missions.




I rejoice in the detail ascribed to a moment, the facets of specific perspectives, and the sharing of narratives from origin to audience. My art is about recreating and defining a thought, belief, or experience so as to reexamine the layers within each. They are near documentaries, they are dreams, they are chronicles. Each piece is in someway related to my core understanding of biblical truths, and thus is a method of worship, of study, and of growth. Through sound, paint, clay, or code I continually attempt to permeate the mundane and create an environment that becomes a new world to explore. Within this world, my plot takes place and my conversation begins, but it is up to the viewer to continue it.