Below you will find Each of the writings for my sound pieces. They are in order of when they were written and chronologically matching their inspired events. A few notes, “I Sat at My Desk” and “Solace” are the only two with which no visual was formed, “Serpent,” “Man” and “Woman” were all part of the same installation, you can see its video entitled, “Because You Have” on my Media tab, and “Am I My Brother’s Keeper?” was an interactive display with many other individual sounds activated by the viewers movement in front of a large clay wall sculpture. That video is forthcoming.  Enjoy!

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I Sat at My Desk

I sat at my desk.
The same one I sit at everyday,        all day long,   looking around to see the same scene I see everyday. There is one long line of us, of me. I look to my right and see my dirty desk beside me painted white so teacher can never see the filth. Its owner stares forward, as I do when teacher comes in. He starts talking and we start taking notes. After the page is complete and I flip it I hear the ripping of perforations echo heavily on my right side and even a few on my left. Then, as if choreographed the papers are tossed behind us. Behind us. They never looked behind us, I never looked. Forever we have stared forward, looking to teacher after teacher for information. Even when teacher would malfunction or have to be refreshed we simply pressed our reload button and waited for teacher to return. But behind us, what was it that I tossed all those papers to so immediately? It has never been dark behind me, quite the opposite- the cold light has always filled our room. And never quiet- the raucous often bled into the sound of teacher making it hard to understand. I knew behind me, but I never looked at it. Would I dare?
Its empty!
It drops; there is nothing behind my chair! I began to turn and had to grasp for the edge of my desk as the chair began to tip. The light flashes and ever changing images nearly blinded me and the sounds and voices- some I even recognized made me hold my ears in pain. I saw pages falling. They kept going and going until they were eaten by the light.
The second round of pages came as a wave- this time from both my left and right almost equally and one from my own desk- how?! I was facing away from teacher. My head was turned and yet my notes were written, torn out and tossed behind me as if auto-pilot had taken over. I grabbed for my paper, but only held it for a second before it was sucked away with applause. It was my sermon notes! How could I have given them over so easily? Why did I not simply flip the page as I usually so consciously do? I loved the sermon- its one of the few times my notes are taken from flesh- the only time teacher is like me and I missed it because I was looking back. The wave came again as I turned around- this time again mostly from my right side. Still my pen is moving across the paper, but my eyes close for one moment to try and quiet my mind- try to escape from the constant stimulation. When I open them again my view seems different- its perspective has changed. I look around and the room has not changed, just shifted. I look to my right and see my eyes still closed, right hand still writing, and left hand still clenched. The room has not changed, but my seat has.

It Was Dark

As I sat           I talked with my friends.

Walking with them     I named them.




I carved each sound into their breast.

As they filed in line He told me the tale.       Whispers that filled my mind

and I welcomed them             for His words are soft, familiar, and strong.

He began,

“As it started My words were the only substance,   I am existence.

Through the Word,     without words,           I sang out,

the most beautiful sound,


Filling the darkness below, above, east and west.

Growing louder and more lucid,         colors came to sight,

the air shook with shifting hues until it settled in the most brilliant gold that would make your eyes feel fuzzy.

If there were eyes to see it.

The sun rose and fell and night came to be.   As rose the sun, rose the waters and they split         upper and lower.

The next day I gathered it      all the waters formed and opened to welcome out the dust.

As the water was peeled back it left the earth without a drop.

The dry land burst forth at the command of my song,          and whispering

I pulled each blade and stem out of it.

According to its own kind I gave them the instructions to bare fruit and seed. The earth and air was perfect and the vegetation was fed by a mist rising from the earth,

the rivers flowed and the buds flowered at my command.

The sun held the light of his day and the moon held her night’s.

Under her light I spoke and the creatures of the sea and air began to populate. According to my voice creatures of the dry land were formed and began to roam.

You will be the keeper of these things, for you were made in Our image,

and whatever you call them,

they shall be called.

The trees and the plants are yours to keep and you shall have all that you wish.


It was empty.

Fill the space around me-
nothing but the sides of my fingers rubbing together.
My mouth was dry and my bones weak.
No temperature, no cloth,
Only hair as my coverage- how long?
No need to breath

Warmth, this is new.
The muscles in my neck elongate and I fold into
The strands move away from their roots and the warm breath breathes again.


Down I went
Did I realize?
I was so naïve
I fell back to the brush, and tried to hide,
but I was more than naked
What a high fall

My body aches and bleeds for what I have done
I cry out before I can rejoice at the sounds of life
And mourn before the touch of youth.
To my flesh I shall cling
And as one I will advance
But he will fail me and push me down
Though I strike, the battle will forever continue until


Down I went
I should have known
The bone of my bone by which I was fooled was weak
weak and crumbled
That which I could have held together I dropped
What a high fall

My hands and feet blister
The ground is hard and impenetrable
Releasing little more than thistle
By my sweat I shall water it until it consumes me
Till to the dust I return
For though I strike the battle will forever continue until


Down I went
Not that I was surprised
I fell to the ground and glanced at the height from which I’d begun
Not at the leaves, but beyond
What a high fall

My belly has grown course from travel and all I know is the earth.
My body is covered in it,
My mouth tastes of it
And I feel its vibrations constantly
I can only look ahead; there is none beneath me
Two-footers crash down on me and
Though I strike, the battle will forever continue, until

All That Came Before Us

I tell you it is coming.
Can you not hear the earth crying?
The ground shakes and the waters swell with anticipation.
Your homes are filled with violence and your hearts are frozen still.
My friends I cry to you I plea for you to hear.
For the words are not mine, the message is not mine, but comes through me.

Heed and be filled with peace.

Why do you turn away?
Let the veil be lifted and your eyes see!
This wood will save when the wrath of the righteous drowns all those who are blind.
Will the beast outlast you brothers? Will only they see the other side?
All but two who once had breath in their nostrils will perish till wrath subsides.

Shalom brothers,
For now I wait on Addonai.
For 207 days I wait lacking nothing,
Till the branch of an olive tree and a bow in the sky mark a new promise:
He will never again cut off all flesh by the waters or curse the ground for an evil heart.
The earth will be covered by us and when we see the bow we will remember

All That Came Before Us

Am I My Brother’s Keeper?

I have worked the field longer than my brother.
I have toiled hard and my hands have calloused over from sow and harvest.
The ground bears well for me, why should I not keep my reward?
To give a portion is to give enough.
And why give to those who want for nothing?
Yet my gift has fallen short of favor and the younger has prevailed
What yet is there to be done but this?
I do not wish to see the darkness and so it is not there.

When I prevail there will be no contest, no loss to gain

He will fall

Yet now this?
I cannot keep him quiet!
Hush brother!
Your mouth and your heart are still yet your blood cries out.
Leave me be and do not torment.
Exile is far too much- I would rather your fate brother than my own now,
For you did not wonder and your calls were heard
I am protected only from death, the one thing I now long for


I Will Not Hide

Seek me out and I will not hide from you.
But in your seeking, know what you look for.
My name is not forgotten, it is not feared. My name offers what you have lost when the lost were found.
Their coverings were like yours, but mine are painted green and among my folds are two cradles.
Look for me and in my right hand you will find the life you lost, nestled softly in my palm. In my left dance honor and riches like two feathers caught by the wind.
They will be stretched out, my fingers high above your head, and clothed in thicket, but if you know my worth you will lay hold of them effortlessly.
I will not hide from you.
Remember me always; my form tall and strong, supple and organic, reaching toward the heavens and planted firmly in the Earth.
My skin is healing and my sap is eternal life.
Remember and your feet will not stumble, your sleep will be sweet and your inheritance, honor.
Fall not into contention, envy or scorn and my roots will not fall from your step. Fall and your feet will ache and your mouth, dry.
For fools find only disgrace.
But through me the Earth was founded, and through my offspring came the heavens. By my brother the deeps broke open, and all of us were wielded by a mightier hand than mine.
Seek me and I will not hide. Seek me and you will find Him.